Old TV Shows From The Beginning Through 1969.
Stage Name Pic Age Details Real Name Real Last Name Origin/Meaning Shows
Meaning Country Title Character
John Payne

(Died: Heart failure)Prolific star and co-star of the Hollwood golden ageJohn Howard PayneRusticUnited KingdomDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
June Blair

90Model and actressMargaret June BlairPlain, fieldScotlandThe Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietJune Blair
Keena Nomkeena

81Played Keena in Brave EagleAnthony Earl NumkenaUnknownUnited StatesBrave EagleKeena
Keith Larsen

(Died)Resourceful actor, writer and directorKeith Eric BurtBright, famousUnited KingdomBrave EagleBrave Eagle
Kim Winona

(Died)Played Morning Star in Brave EagleConstance Elaine MackeyFrom surname McKay meaning: Manly, virileIreland/ScotlandBrave EagleMorning Star
Kristin Nelson

78Played herself in The Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietSharon Kristin HarmonFrom surname Herman meaning: SoldierGermanyThe Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietKristin Nelson
Kurt Kasznar

(Died: Cancer)Prolific performer of both stage and screenKurt ServischerSerbianNetherlandsLand of the GiantsAlexander B. Fitzhugh
Leonard Nimoy

(Died: Pulmonary disease)Played Spock in Star TrekLeonard Simon NimoyUknownUnknownMission: ImpossibleParis
Martin Landau

(Died: Multiple reasons/old age)Played Rollin Hand in Mission ImpossibleMartin James LandauValleyGermanyMission: ImpossibleRollin Hand
Mel Blanc

(Died: Emphysema)The voice of Bugs Bunny and many other classic cartoon charactersMelvin Jerome BlankFair hair or pale complexionGermany/NetherlandsThe FlintstonesBarney Rubble
Merle Haggard

(Died: Pneumonia)Country and western starMerle Ronald HaggardWild OR Hawk trainer/keeper OR person from Agard, DenmarkUnknownDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
Noel Neill

(Died: Undisclosed illness)Played Lois Lane in SupermanNoel Darleen StellMarsh (bog) dweller or small farm occupant or variant of "Still" (calm), or "Steel" (smith or armorer)UK/GermanyAdventures of SupermanLois Lane
Noreen Corcoran

(Died: Circulatory system disease)Played Kelly Gregg in Bachelor FatherNoreen M. CorcoranFrom surname Ó Corcráin meaning: PurpleIrelandBachelor FatherKelly Gregg
Ozzie Nelson

(Died: Cancer)Very popular band leader and actorOswald George NelsonFrom surname Niall meaning: ChampionIreland/ScotlandThe Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietOzzie Nelson
Pat Hogan

(Died: Lung cancer)Played Black Cloud in Brave EagleThurman Lee HaasFrom surname Has/Hase meaning: Hare or (nickname for) JosephGermany/TheNetherlandsBrave EagleBlack Cloud
Patricia Driscoll

96Played Maid Marian in The Adventures of Robin HoodPatricia DriscollMessengerRepublic of IrelandThe Adventures of Robin HoodMaid Marian
Paul Eddington

(Died: Cancer)Played Jerry Leadbetter in tv's Good NeighborsPaul Clark EddingtonFrom surname Edington meaning: Working townEnglandThe Adventures of Robin HoodWill Scarlet
Peggy King

91Widely acclaimed jazz singerMargaretThe George Gobel ShowPeggy King
Peter Graves

(Died: Heart attack)Played Jim Phelps in Mission ImpossiblePeter Duesler AurnessFrom surname Aursnes meaning: UnknownNorwayMission: ImpossibleJim Phelps
Peter Lupus

91Played Willy Armitage in Mission ImpossiblePeter (Jr) LupusWolfRomaniaMission: ImpossibleWilly Armitage
Phyllis Avery

(Died: Heart failure)Versatile actress who had many tv appearancesPhyllis AveryPowerful dwarf/elfGermanyThe George Gobel ShowAlice
Phyllis Coates

96Played Lois Lane in SupermanGypsie Ann Evarts StellMarsh (bog) dweller or small farm occupant or variant of "Still" (calm), or "Steel" (smith or armorer)UK/GermanyAdventures of SupermanLois Lane
Ray Milland

(Died: Lung cancer)First Welsh actor to win a movie OscarAlfred Reginald JonesFrom surname Johnson meaning: Dedication to the Hebrew God 'Yahweh'England/WalesDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger

Unknown"Fang" in Get Smart and "Jasper" in Bachelor FatherRedBachelor FatherJasper
Richard Greene

(Died: Heart attack)Played Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin HoodRichard Marius Joseph GreeneFrom surname Green meaning: Green place e.g. meadow/dons green attire/played the 'Green Man' on MayDayEuropeThe Adventures of Robin HoodRobin Hood
Ricky Nelson

(Died: Airplane crash)Popular singer-songwriter and actorEric Hilliard NelsonFrom surname Niall meaning: ChampionIreland/ScotlandThe Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietRicky Nelson
Robert Taylor

(Died: Lung cancer)Starred as a variety of characters in movies and tvSpangler Arlington Brugh TaylorTailorUK/FranceDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
Ronald Howard

(Died)Played the title role in tv's Sherlock Holmes in 1954Ronald HowardUnknownEuropeThe Adventures of Robin HoodWill Scarlet
Ronald Reagan

(Died: Pneumonia)40th U.S.A PresidentPresident Ronald Wilson ReaganFrom surname Regan meaning: RegalIrelandDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
Rory Calhoun

(Died: Complications from emphysema and diabetes)Starred in The Silver Whip and Powder RiverFrancis Timothy JonesFrom surname Johnson meaning: Dedication to the Hebrew God 'Yahweh'England/WalesDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
Rufus Cruickshank

(Died)Versatile movie and tv actorJames Sangster CruickshankBent leg/lameScotlandThe Adventures of Robin HoodLittle John
Sammee Tong

(Died: Barbiturate overdose)Played Peter Tong in Bachelor FatherSammee TongFrom surname Tóng meaning: (eye) pupilChinaBachelor FatherPeter Tong
Simone Lovell

89Played Joan in The Adventures of Robin HoodSimone A LovellFrom surname Lowell meaning: WolfFranceThe Adventures of Robin HoodJoan
Stanley Andrews

(Died)The first "Old Ranger" to appear in Death Valley DaysStanley AndrzejewskiFrom surname Andrzej meaning: [living in or coming from] Andrzejewo, PolandPolandDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
Stefan Arngrim

68Played Barry Lockridge in Land of the Giants and was a member of pop group "The Knights of The Living Dead"Stefan ArngrimFrom surname Arngrímr meaning: Grim or birdNorwayLand of the GiantsBarry Lockridge
Steven Hill

(Died)Played Adam Schiff in NBC's Law & OrderSolomon KrakovskyUnknownUnknownMission: ImpossibleDan Briggs
Victor Woolf

(Died)Played Derwent (and others) in The Adventures of Robin HoodVictor John WoolfFrom surname Wolf meaning: Wolf-likeEuropeThe Adventures of Robin HoodDerwent
Walter Pidgeon

(Died: stroke)Prolific and versatile actor of stage and screenWalter Davis PidgeonPidgeon hunter/gullibleEngland/France   
Warren Beatty

86Actor, director and producer of scores of hit moviesHenry Warren BeatyRich in landEngland/ScotlandOne Step BeyondHarry Grayson
Will Rogers Jr.

(Died: Suicide by gunshot)His many activities included politician, soldier, newspaper proprietor, actor and writerWilliam Vann RogersFrom surname Roger meaning: Famous spearFranceDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger