Old TV Shows From The Beginning Through 1969.
Stage Name Pic Age Details Real Name Real Last Name Origin/Meaning Shows
Meaning Country Title Character
Sammee Tong

(Died: Barbiturate overdose)Played Peter Tong in Bachelor FatherSammee TongFrom surname Tóng meaning: (eye) pupilChinaBachelor FatherPeter Tong
Stanley Andrews

(Died)The first "Old Ranger" to appear in Death Valley DaysStanley AndrzejewskiFrom surname Andrzej meaning: [living in or coming from] Andrzejewo, PolandPolandDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
Stefan Arngrim

62Played Barry Lockridge in Land of the Giants and was a member of pop group "The Knights of The Living Dead"Stefan ArngrimFrom surname Arngrímr meaning: Grim or birdNorwayLand of the GiantsBarry Lockridge
Steven Hill

(Died)Played Adam Schiff in NBC's Law & OrderSolomon KrakovskyUnknownUnknownMission ImpossibleDan Briggs
Walter Pidgeon

(Died: stroke)Prolific and versatile actor of stage and screenWalter Davis PidgeonPidgeon hunter/gullibleEngland/France   
Will Rogers Jr.

(Died: Suicide by gunshot)His many activities included politician, soldier, newspaper proprietor, actor and writerWilliam Vann RogersFrom surname Roger meaning: Famous spearFranceDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
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