Old TV Shows From The Beginning Through 1969.
Stage Name Pic Age Details Real Name Real Last Name Origin/Meaning Shows
Meaning Country Title Character
Alan Reed

(Died: Heart attack)Played Fred Flintstone in The FlintstonesHerbert Theodore BergmanMountain man; minerSwedenThe FlintstonesFred Flintstone
Alan Wheatley

(Died: Heart attack)Played the Sheriff of Nottingham in The Adventures of Robin HoodAlan Wheatley(from the) wheat meadowEnglandThe Adventures of Robin HoodSheriff of Nottingham
Alexander Gauge

(Died: Suicide by overdose)Played Friar Tuck in The Adventures of Robin HoodAlexander GaugeFrom surname Gage meaning: Measure/assayerFranceThe Adventures of Robin HoodFriar Tuck
Andy Devine

(Died: leukemia)Versatile character actor and host of Andy's GangAndrew Vabre DevineFrom surname Devin meaning: Fawn/stag/ox (Ireland) or divine (England)UK/IrelandAndy's GangAndy
Angie Dickinson

93TVs 'Police Woman'Angeline BrownBrown hair or skinEuropeDeath Valley DaysAyoka, Connie Loomis and Sabina Harris
Archie Duncan

(Died)Appeared in several British movies and tv showsArchibald DuncanBrown haired man/chief/battleIreland/ScotlandThe Adventures of Robin HoodLittle John
Barbara Bain

93Played Cinnamon Carter in Mission ImpossibleMildred FogelBirdGermanyMission: ImpossibleCinnamon Carter
Bea Benaderet

(Died: Lung cancer)Played Betty Rubble in The FlintstonesBeatrice BenaderetUnknownIsraelThe FlintstonesBetty Rubble
Bernadette O'Farrell

(Died: Cancer)Played Maid Marian in The Adventures of Robin HoodBernadette O'FarrellFrom surname Farrell meaning: Man of valourIrelandThe Adventures of Robin HoodMaid Marian
Bernadette Withers

78Played Ginger in Bachelor FatherBernadette WithersWarriorNorwayBachelor FatherGinger
Bert Wheeler

(Died: Emphysema)One half of the succesful Wheeler & Woolsey comedy actAlbert Jerome MackeyFrom surname McKay meaning: Manly, virileIreland/ScotlandBrave EagleSmokey Joe
Bob Johnson

(Died: Heart failure)Played the recorded voice that started each episode of Mission ImpossibleRobert Cleveland JohnsonDedication to the Hebrew God 'Yahweh'England/WalesMission: ImpossibleRecord voice (unnamed)
Bud Collyer

(Died: Circulatory system disease)Hosted game shows Beat the Clock and To Tell the TruthClayton Johnson HeermanceFrom surname Hermance meaning: Leader; rulerGermany   

UnknownPlayed Chipper in Land of the GiantsChipperLand of the GiantsChipper
Clint Eastwood

94Star of many classic westerns and thrillersClinton Eastwood Jr.From surname Eastwood meaning: [living in or coming from] EastwoodUnited KingdomDeath Valley DaysJohn Lucas
Dale Robertson

(Died: Cancer and pneumonia)Western specialistDayle Lymoine RobertsonBright, fameGermanyDeath Valley DaysThe Old Ranger
David Nelson

(Died: Cancer)Played himself in The Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietDavid Oswald NelsonFrom surname Niall meaning: ChampionIreland/ScotlandThe Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietDavid Nelson
Daws Butler

(Died: Heart attack)Voiced scores of animated cartoon characters e.g. Yogi BearCharles Dawson ButlerTrusted servant in charge of the wine cellarEnglandThe FlintstonesBarney Rubble
Deanna Lund

87Played Valerie Ames Scott in Land of the GiantsDeanna LundCopseSwedenLand of the GiantsValerie Ames Scott
Don Marshall

(Died)Played Dan Erickson in Land of the GiantsDonald James MarshallLooks after horses/farrier/servant/officerEuropeLand of the GiantsDan Erickson
Don Matheson

(Died: Lung cancer)Decorated soldier as well as an actorDon MathesonFrom surname Matthewson meaning: God's GiftMiddle EastLand of the GiantsMark Wilson
Eddie Fisher

(Died: Complications from surgery)Major singing star and occasional actorEdwin John Fisher (originally "Tisch")From surname Tisch meaning: JoinerEuropeThe George Gobel ShowEddie Fisher
Frank Sutton

(Died: Heart attack)Played Sergeant Carter in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.CFrank Spencer Sutton[from] south townEngland/IrelandGomer Pyle, U.S.M.CSergeant Vince Carter
Fred MacMurray

(Died: Pneumonia)Major star of 20th century movies and tvFrederick Martin MacMurrayFrom surname Murray meaning: Costal settlement or descendant/servant of the Virgin MaryIreland/ScotlandThe George Gobel ShowFred MacMurray
Gary Conway

88Played Captain Steve Burton in Land of the GiantsGareth Monello CarmodyUnknownIrelandLand of the GiantsCaptain Steve Burton
George Gobel

(Died: Complications from surgery)Versatile comedian, musician and actorGeorge Leslie GobelFrom surname Goebel meaning: God-like and brightGermanyThe George Gobel ShowGeorge Gobel
George Reeves

(Died: Gunshot)Played the lead character in SupermanMr George Keefer BrewerBrewer or Dweller amongst heatherUK/FranceAdventures of SupermanSuperman/Clark Kent
Gerry Johnson

(Died)Played Betty Rubble in The FlintstonesGerry UnknownUnknownUnknownThe FlintstonesBetty Rubble
Greg Morris

(Died: Cancer)Played Barney Collier in Mission ImpossibleFrancis Gregory Alan MorrisDark, moorEuropeMission: ImpossibleBarney Collier
Harriet Nelson

(Died: Heart failure)Popular recording artist and actressPeggy Lou SnyderFrom surname Snider meaning: TailorEuropeThe Adventures of Ozzie and HarrietHarriet
Heather Young

79Played Betty Hamilton in Land of the GiantsPatricia Kay PatersonFrom surname Patterson meaning: Son or noblemanIreland/ScotlandLand of the GiantsBetty Ann Hamilton
Jack Carson

(Died: Cancer)Versatile star who played in movies, radio, theatre and tvJohn Elmer CarsonFrom surname Carr meaning: Swamp(y) or duskyEuropeThe George Gobel ShowJack Carson
Jack Lord

(Died: Heart failure)Played Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-OJohn Joseph Patrick RyanUncertain/unknownIrelandHawaii Five-OStephen McGarrett
James Caan

84Although a versatile actor, he was well known for tough-guy rolesJames Edmund CaanFrom surname Conn/Gegen/Kane meaning: Bargee; someone from Aberdeen, Scotland; againstScotland/The Netherlands/GermanyDeath Valley DaysBob/Jim McKinney
James Coburn

(Died: Heart attack)Prolific actor who played Britt in The Magnificent SevenJames Harrison Coburn IIIFrom surname Cockburn meaning: [living in or coming from] Cockburn, EnglandEnglandDeath Valley DaysSteve Barnes
Jean Vander Pyl

(Died: Lung cancer)Played Wilma Flintstone in The FlintstonesJean Vander PylFrom surname Pyl meaning: From a 'pointy' peice of land/ArcherNetherlandsThe FlintstonesWilma Flintstone
Jeff Donnell

(Died: Heart attack)Played Stella Fields in General Hospital and many other rolesJean Marie DonnellFrom surname Donald meaning: RulerScotlandThe George Gobel ShowAlice
Jim Nabors

94Starred in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.CJames Thurston NaborsNeighborEnglandGomer Pyle, U.S.M.CGomer Pyle
John Forsythe

(Died: Pneumonia)Charlie in Charlie's Angels and Blake Carrington in DynastyJacob Lincoln FreundFriendGermanyBachelor FatherBentley Gregg
John Newland

(Died: stroke)Hosted in One Step BeyondJohn NewlandNew landEuropeOne Step BeyondHost
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